Drone Light Shows - the new trend at weddings

March 25, 2021
Weddings are a perfect canvas for a couple to express their personalities. And when it comes to Indian weddings, the bolder the better! Today, as technology blazes forward, entertainment at weddings has taken on a new meaning where the sky is, quite literally, the limit.

Drone Light Shows - the new trend at weddings

The following article is a reproduction of an interview conducted by WeddingSutra, the Indian luxury wedding platform in December 2020. The original article on WeddingSutra can be found here.

Weddings are a perfect canvas for a couple to express their personalities. And when it comes to Indian weddings, the bolder the better! Today, as technology blazes forward, entertainment at weddings has taken on a new meaning where the sky is, quite literally, the limit. A French technology company that has pushed the boundaries of innovation when it comes to the art of storytelling, Dronisos has finally arrived in India with its purpose-built entertainment drones to orchestrate light shows that’ll make your big day the talk of the town. With them on your team, the sky is your canvas where you and your partner can etch out your vision and further light up your luxurious wedding celebrations.

Giving us an in-depth explanation of how Dronisos operates and the technology they use to portray stories in the sky, Jean-Dominique Lauwereins, Co-Founder & CTO, Dronisos, shares:

What makes you think that drones are the ‘next big thing’ in the wedding industry?

“The wedding industry, like every other industry, is looking towards technology to innovate and drive change. Drones have already changed the way weddings are photographed and filmed. Our purpose-built drones for entertainment are here to change the way we tell stories.”

“Weddings are a few of life’s big milestones that truly deserve a celebration, and our drone swarms help you take that celebration to the world’s biggest stage – the sky! Our drones offer an almost infinite combination of movements and color to beautifully portray the couple’s story in the night sky, creating captivating visuals that light up the wedding celebration.”

Are there any limitations to drone shows at weddings? Can they be easily flown indoors too?

“We generally avoid flying directly over people and water. Apart from that, for an outdoor show, we require adequate space to safely take-off and land our drone swarm. We will, of course, need to seek permission from the local civil aviation authority beforehand for an outdoor show.”

“For indoor shows, the drones and the technology used are different. At

Dronisos, we have specially designed choreographies that cater to indoor performances. Our drones also have the ability to perform alongside dancers and can be easily synced to Bollywood music. Furthermore, indoor shows do not require special permissions or authorizations from the local civil aviation authorities.”

You have worked on some very notable projects. Could you tell us about some?

“There are quite a few, in fact, but the most notable that come to my mind are:

  1. We proudly hold the world record for flying the most number of drones simultaneously indoors.
  2. Our drone show installations can be found across the world. From theme parks and circuses to cruise ships, where our shows run throughout the week.
  3. India’s very first drone light show was performed by us during the opening ceremony of the Men’s Hockey World Cup 2018 in Bhubaneswar where our drones performed next to superstar Madhuri Dixit.”

Dronisos is a master at customizing shows according to the couple’s vision. Could you explain with an example?

“We entered the dynamic world of luxury weddings in 2018 and have since successfully executed personalized drone shows across France and Europe portraying stories of various couples, exchanging vows and expressing commitment in the sky. While conceptualizing these shows, we work very closely with the couple and their respective families to understand their vision with complete clarity. The results, in turn, speak for themselves with a bespoke, tailor-made drone show that is absolutely unforgettable. And I’m glad to say that we’re now ready to make our mark on the world’s biggest wedding destination – India!”

Are there any licensing permission regulations to be followed for drone light shows in India? Could you educate us a little on that aspect?

“Airspace regulation and drone flights are strictly controlled all over the world and India is no exception. However, our drone show system has been completely developed in-house and has been approved by airspace regulators in over 20 countries including India. When it comes to an outdoor show we will need to seek flight authorization from the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation), and the Indian DGCA has granted us flight authorization in the past. But, for an indoor show, no special permission is required.”

Drone shows are generally associated with grand festivities. Considering the trend has now shifted to intimate weddings, could you shed some light on ways couples could incorporate this service in celebrations of a smaller size?

“In my opinion, keeping in mind the present environment of social distancing, drone shows are an ideal way to celebrate and entertain your guests as these shows can be easily viewed from a distance of up to one kilometre. Additionally, our drone shows are accompanied by a minimal crew of two to four people wherein all the necessary precautions are strictly followed.”

So go ahead and express your commitment and exchange wedding vows in the sky!

Visit www.dronisos.com to learn more about their stunning drone light shows that add a dash of luxury to your opulent wedding celebrations.

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