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Drone Light Shows - an eco-friendly alternative to fireworks

Firework displays are a common sight at celebrations and festivals around the world. The Fourth of July in the United States, Diwali in India, Eid al-Fitr in Southeast Asia, Guy Fawkes Night in the United Kingdom, Bastille Day in France, Halloween in Ireland, the Fallas in Spain, and the Chinese New Year to name a few, all feature vibrant and colourful firework displays.

While fireworks have been the goto option for hundreds of years, technology is advancing rapidly and we now have a more futuristic and eco-friendly alternative to staging dazzling night sky shows — Drones.

Christmas drone light show
Christmas themed drone show by Dronisos

Drones and drone light shows are now at our front door and offer us the possibility to digitise night sky displays. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of these little nimble unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with powerful LED lights can be launched hundreds of feet into the sky. These flying pixels can be looked at as a digital version of fireworks that can narrate magical stories in a green, reusable and non-polluting way.


Are drone light shows the solution?

Drone light shows are an environmentally friendly alternative to light up the night sky. The same drone fleet can be reused at multiple events and they are chemical and noise pollution free. Drone light shows also offer the flexibility of being held indoors where a fireworks display is simply not feasible.

The drones for drone light shows are purpose-built and offer an almost infinite combination of movements and colours. The artistic possibilities achievable with drones are far greater than that of fireworks. Not only can drone light shows bedazzle us with spectacular displays, but they can also be reused and do not produce any chemical or noise pollution.

Watch the colours, shapes and patterns come alive with drones. A Dronisos special choreography

Visually, drone light shows already offer extremely detailed and intricate patterns in the sky. As technology advances, the displays are only set to get bigger, brighter, richer and denser.


Humans have always looked to the sky in wonder and awe. From stargazing in our early history to modern firework displays, from aerial acrobatics of fighter jets to drone light shows, we are a species that love stories in the sky. Let’s, however, be responsible in how we consume this form of entertainment. It’s time we use the advances we have made in technology to help protect our environment.

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